FIRST FOR DOGS, FIRST VIDEOS, FIRST ONLINE launched February 1998 as the world's first public website. In 2002 became the first dog news site and in 2005 went live as the first and ONLY educational website for AKC, UKC and International dog show judges.


BACKGROUND: Before computers and public internet, there was Video Express, launched by Bill and Barbara Andrews in early 1997 to record dog shows. With their videos in high demand, the Andrews were asked to produce another "first" in the dog show world, educational videos for the AKC Judges Education Seminars developed by Lt. Colonel Wallace H. Pede.


Word spread and Video Express was invited to officially videotape the world's largest dog event, the Crufts Dog Show in London, England. That caught the attention of Lawrence Lindsey, a prominent television producer. Mr. Lindsey invited the Andrews to be his guests at the 1998 National Association Of Broadcasters (NAB) in Dallas, TX.


Our African Embassies had just been bombed and tensions were high but Bill and Barbara Andrews were the security-cleared guests of Mr. Lindsey who gave the feature seminar "Presenting Network News" for the NAB Convention.  During that 3-day event, the Andrews shared a drink with Ted Turner, founder of Turner Broadcasting which became CNN. Mr. Turner introduced them to Rupert Murdoch, President of News Corp, today known as Fox News.


Encouraged by those media giants and news of an emerging internet, Bill Andrews decided people would welcome a "web site" by and for dog owners.  The computer tech for his Tri-State Plumbing Company knew a guy who was building an "on line" inventory website for Nike Shoes... That fortuitous connection enabled the Andrews to launch the world's first public "dog-site". went live in early 1998 but it made even more history as the first website allowed into China. World politics were very different back then. China was a closed country but Lana Tsan, a NYC stock broker, had purchased every video tape produced by Mrs. Andrews and they had became close phone-friends.


It turned out that she had purchased the videos for Jiang Zemin, Leader (President) of China. When Lana explained and said he had questions, Mrs. Andrews agreed to the international phone call in which Ms. Tsan acted as interpreter.


President Zemin was friendly, impressed by the dog-videos Lana had purchased for him and extremely interesting to "talk" to. The President of China left Barbara Andrews with an incurable interest in Chinese dogs and culture which is deeply explored in the NetPlaces Network websites.


The Netplaces Network websites provide credentialed information on dog ownership, from canine health, nutrition and training to genetics, reproduction and dog shows. Equally unique, all works are authored by AKC (American Kennel Club) TKC (The Kennel Club of England) UKC (United Kennel Club) dog show judges, breeders, professional trainers or veterinarians.

Then, as hundreds of "Place" users quickly became thousands, the Andrews launched the first professional news site for the dog fancy,



Lauded and applauded, the website featured world-wide news affecting dog owners and thanks to President Zemin, became the first American "news" website viewed in China.


As dog shows grew ever more political "know before you go" became the byword so was launched.



That "first in category" website features AKC judges interviews, background information plus a listing of the Breeds and Groups for which judges are approved by AKC. Those interviews also explore the individual preferences dog show judges hold as as regards type, soundness and movement.


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The Place, Press, and Judges websites serve the full spectrum of dog lovers: pet owners, dog breeders, dog show exhibitors, judges and professional handlers. Thus the NetPlaces Network guarantees results for your product, service, show dog and breeding program or your money back! is the world's first global website (1998) "From Animal health to Vaccines." launched in 2002, is the first online dog news by/for the global dog fancy. went live in 2005, a welcome first in "Judges Education" and interactive communication.


Today you can stay informed on everything that affects dogs and their owners, from canine health, genetics, training and dog shows, to advances in animal AND human health, plus world politics and legal issues.


All Netplaces Network information is by credentialed dog breeders, dog show judges, esteemed college professors, medical doctors and veterinarians.


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