The world's first website was and today it covers every facet of dog ownership from Agility to Zany and interesting dog owners!


Lauded and applauded, that 1998 website grew into the NetPlaces Network covering dog news, dog breeding, canine health and genetics which spilled over into preserving human health.  All information was and is by credentialed dog breeders, dog show judges, esteemed college professors, medical doctors and veterinarians.


The Dog Fancy Goes Mainstream

Video Express International was the first to video dog shows. That Andrews innovation led to an invitation to officially videotape the world's largest dog event, the Crufts Dog Show in London, England. (sidenote: there was no "internet" then.)


With their videos in high demand, Bill and Barbara Andrews were invited to attend the 1998 Nat. Assoc. Of Broadcasters conference (NAB) in Dallas, TX. Our African Embassies had just been bombed and tensions were high but the Andrews were the security-cleared guests of Lawrence Lindsey, who gave the feature seminar "Presenting Network News."


At the 3-day NAB event, the Andrews shared a drink with Ted Turner (founder of Turner Broadcasting which became CNN). He introduced them to Rupert Murdoch, President of News Corp. which today is Fox News. Encouraged by the media giants, Bill Andrews decided the emerging internet would need a dog-site.


 In a "meant to be" coincidence, the computer tech for the Andrews Tri-State Plumbing Company knew a guy who was building an inventory website for Nike Shoes...


Thus, became the world's first public website (1998) and ultimately, the first "internet" site to which China allowed access!


As hundreds of users quickly became thousands, the first online database became The Dog-e-Book, a free "yellow pages" for dog breeders, exhibitors, judges and dog clubs. It was revolutionary as the easiest and quickest connection for 1.2 million dog owners, breeders and dog show judges. The categorized, searchable "doggie directory" closed in 2022, outdated by search engines that make "everyone who is anyone" findable.


NetPlaces Network Demographics

The network of Press, Place and Judges websites serve pet owners, hobby breeders, dog show judges, exhibitors and professional handlers. Our users are well educated, well traveled, competitive and incurably curious.


That's why The NetPlaces Network guarantees results for your product, service, show dog or breeding program - or your money back! Each website is top ranked in all major search engines. is the world's first website (1998) "From Animal health to Vaccines." launched in 2002, the first online dog news by/for the global dog fancy. followed in 2005, another first in "Judges Education" and interactive communication.


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